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Arro Athletics

Arro Athletics

Arro is a brand made by women for women. We built our brand based on what we wanted, what flattered our curves, and what gave us the most confidence to power through our work outs. 

The seed for Arro was planted when we were seeing real results from similar products, but knew we could create something better.

Who were we to make gym leggings - but more importantly who were we not to? We sat down, made a mind map of all the features we would want in our dream leggings and then we started! We started down many wrong paths - we even both bought Sewing Machines thinking we would sew all the leggings by hand. Lol that never happened. There were many hiccups along the way, but we are so proud of the products that we have created!

Arro is based out of Campbell River on Vancouver Island. It was founded by Farro Mackenzie and Alice Field in 2017 based on the desire to create something better. We promise to always strive to improve and create the very best products we can!

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