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About Us

Hi Friends!

Here’s the thing: everything we have here has been personally selected & tested by us and we LOVE it all. Almost everything we offer is Canadian Made and Female Owned, and we LOVE that too - we truly believe in these brands.

We’ve curated this shop for the socially and environmentally conscious person who cares about supporting Canadian, cares about where it’s made and what it’s made from, the person who sees value in quality over quantity and wants to be part of creating a more sustainable future in fashion and beauty.

We are very proud of what we’ve created and hope that you love everything as much as we do.

Welcome to our sisterhood.
Jenna & Lane



/kid ˈsistər/


Someone who chooses positivity and creativity, uplifts their community, understands the importance of supporting fellow women, and knows that collaboration is greater than competition.

Female friendship is our sisterhood.

Lane Tomalty Headshot
Kid Sister to Blair

  • Technically a Millennial but identifies as Gen-X
  • Can be found in the Rocky Mountains
  • Dog mom to the most well behaved Cockapoo named Finn
  • Finds something she likes, buys it in every colour
  • Her own phone autocorrects her name to "lame" every.damn.time.
  • Once watched a documentary on sustainable fashion called "The True Cost" that changed the way she shopped forever.
  • Believes in sharing success
  • Has a passion for learning
  • Loves traveling and still considers herself a Budget Backpacker, until she sees the budget room she's booked. Lane is in fact NOT a Budget Backpacker anymore.
  • Time management is not her strong suit
  • Wants to be a morning person but refuses to get up when her alarm goes off

Jenna Chalaturnyk Headshot
Kid Sister to Jaime
  • 80’s Baby who loves 90's Fashion; Neon Enthusiast
  • Can be found at the Beach on the West Coast
  • Research and Planning Expert
  • Obsessed with basic white tees and great fitting jeans. Also reusable coffee cups.
  • Buys a lot of hats but rarely wears them
  • Passionate about Women’s Rights and Equality
  • Hairstylist turned Social Media Marketing turned Entrepreneur. Graduated from Blanche Macdonald Centre in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. Happy to have found the balance between the Salon and Fashion Industries.
  • Works best behind the scenes, gets a little shy in front of the camera.