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How To Find The Correct Size of Hat

Image of woman wearing a hat. Links to directions for how to measure for a hat.

Need Some Help With Hat Sizing?

Each Lack of Color piece is thoughtfully designed so each shape and silhouette will vary slightly in how it fits.

Use our size guide as well as the size and fit section of your desired hat to find your perfect fit.
How to find your hat size
We have a few simple tips to help you find the perfect sized hat for you. To measure your head accurately, you will need a cloth measuring tape. We also recommend you have assistance from another person, to ensure accuracy.
All Lack of Color hats are sized in centimetres, as such we recommend using a metric ruler and measuring your head in centimetres.

How to find your fit
How would you like to wear your hat? Select from the options below. Then, follow the instructions of your preferred option to measure your head.
Be sure to follow the instructions of your preferred option, there are significant differences between them.
Image with directions on how to measure your head to wear a hat the traditional way.
Image explaining how to measure your head to wear your hat the Halo way.

Lack of Color Sizing

S / 55 CM
Our smallest size on offer. If your head measures 53 cm – 54 cm, we recommend adding a hat filler to your order, as these reduce the size of your hat by 1-2.5 cm.
M / 57 CM
Ideal for the average sized head. We recommend this medium size as a ‘standard’ or ‘average’ fit.
L / 59 CM
If you have a large head – we recommend our standard size large. It’s a no brainer.

Fit Tips
- Keep in mind, hat fit is entirely a matter of personal preference. You’re the only one who can decide how you want your hat to sit, fit and how you want to wear it.
- We believe tighter fits are more suitable for those active moments in life – think long days at your favourite music festival or fun in the sun at the beach.
- For a more comfortable, extended wear (4+ hours), we recommend a looser fit that will sit lower on the head.
- The shape and style of a hat can vary the sizing and fit. We always recommend reading the size and fit guide for any hat you're considering. This will help to ensure you’re able to select the perfect size for you.
- Unsure of sizing? A hat filler is a great addition because it can be used to tailor the size and fit of your new Lack of Color hat (and add comfort at the same time).

Let us know if you have any questions!



So helpful! I love my Lack of Color hats :)